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Back to the grindstone

The past several weeks have been busy ones for T, L, and I, and this week has been no exception: we are getting back to a routine.  We had the fortune last month of spending two weeks in our homeland

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He Walks

And mommy misses it! Seriously, What do I get for my troubles of holding the little tyke’s hands and prancing around the rooms of the house?  I miss his first steps!!  We were all together on New Year’s weekend and

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Seriously, two weeks?

Well, just as every other post is preceded by my apologies, so goes this post. Believe you me, Little L has become an incredibly busy beaver. . . er. . .monkey.  In the short span of a few weeks he

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Why “Now” is the best age

Is there a bad age for a baby? Each step has been a fascination for me, an experiment in what it is to become one. A person. A being.  To develop a personality. And so far it’s felt quicker than

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Suddenly mobile

Hmm. . . I’ve been thinking up some new lyrics to The Strokes’ “Last Night”: Last night He crawled Oh baby I felt so glad But then he rolled on down And reached to grab my phone He’s only just

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