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Gastro? A cold? Does it really matter?

After four full days of frustration, tears, and vomiting, little L finally seems to be on the upswing. I’m not sure if it was a manifestation of the Norovirus going around, or some other cold, but at least it seems

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Still snotty and spitty-uppy

Well, being a Dr. Mom flies out the window when it’s your own kid. I’ve said it time and time again, but this mommy’s brain turns to pulp when trying to treat my little one.  Here he cries again. I’ve

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A glut of Gastroenteritis

FYI, little L has come down with another little fever and vomiting. This one has been going around daycare for the past week or so. I have spent the past two nights comforting him and cleaning the bedsheets, floors, and

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Emesis City

Post-tussive, that is.  (in other words, vomiting after coughing!) This week has engaged T, L, and I in another adventure in infectious disease. Whereas two weeks ago L and I were the only ones subjected to headaches and vomiting and

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