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Memories worth Remembering: It’s Always Time to be Thankful

Before I post this, let me relay that the irony of this post is that as I was writing it my website came crashing down – messed up, jumbled – before my very eyes. Anyway, it is now Monday afternoon

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Humble Pie: Traffic Woes

This was me today when I was coming from from a day of work . . . Is there NO better way to come home than to take I-95? The Phillies game just got out and I haven’t even gotten

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Downfall of a working mom: The case of a missing Valve

So I said to myself it wouldn’t happen. I bought all the supplies I needed. I dutifully did a checkpoint assessment of each day’s items. I arranged things to travel the night before. I bought extra supplies. I labeled, arranged,

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Finding a Birthing Class (a.k.a.: The best DH there is)

For weeks DH and I have struggled to find a childbirthing class. While my friends were able to attend Bradley Birthing classes, I narrowly missed the window between fall and the holiday season and seem to have missed many childbirth

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