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Bumbo Recall and the Perils of Elevated Seats

The many recalls for the Bumbo baby seat – including the most recent, calling for installation of a seatbelt on the current bumbo seat, brings to mind a pet peeve: parental misconception that any infant seat intended for the floor

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Toddler safety: To Bounce or not to Bounce?

This Monday I opened my email to find a permission form from the daycare asking whether I would allow little L to go on a moonbounce. “The moonbounce?” I thought. My little itty bitty one going on a moonbounce? Well,

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Into everything

Doc2Mom’s not the only one who’s into “it all.”  So is little L.  Ever since Thanksgiving weekend, when we braved the intimidating traffic while engaging in airplane travel (helloooo and welcome and thank you very much, Family Lane!  How I

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Bad Mama Drama

Welcome to Bad Mama moment #716 . . . ok maybe I am dramatizing, but within a twenty-four hour span this weekend little L managed to suffer from now one, but three “bad mama” moments inflicted by little ole me.

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To Bumper or Not to Bumper?

The pediatrician in me says avoid bumpers – don’t want to expose baby to risk of suffocation or falling, no matter how minimal the risk.  It’s my baby after all!  But woe to me, the crib designs are so cute.

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