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Finding time to be me and not mom

I just got back from rehearsal with my choir — yes — choir. It’s been just under 5 years — essentially since the birth of little L, that I have not performed in choirs (or a cappella or musical theatre

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The night is young and so is my little one

My little tyke is asleep and can I say how very impressed I am with his progress over the past few weeks? Whereas he was speaking words here and there before, now he really has conversations with me. One-to-two word

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Congratulations and starting to feel old . . …

Just heard today about one close friend’s engagement and the birth of another close friend’s child. It’as amazing how quickly time passes. My little kumquat is now 8 months old and counting, and I am starting to feel like an

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37 Weeks Gestation: Holidays are over . . and so much left to be typed

Well, given how absolutely fantastic my holiday season was, I sure wish I had more time to type about it, but alas, I was enjoying family, baking, eating, nesting. All in all it was a lovely Christmas vacation. There were

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