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More more words

Over the past week little L has come up with a host of new words. Last weekend we visited his grandmother and Chachaji and Chachiji who were with us in Chicago and the little tyke managed to learn how to

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Back to the grindstone

The past several weeks have been busy ones for T, L, and I, and this week has been no exception: we are getting back to a routine.  We had the fortune last month of spending two weeks in our homeland

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Lots to do, so little time! Ammonia Stink and Baby gets bigger

Have I had this headline before? We have some close relatives visiting from Germany and lots of vacationy weekends, paired with anniversary time and my birthday and too much to do sandwiched in between everything else. I haven’t been able

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My little tater tot

The tongue sticks out and bubbles form on the surface, zurbles, burbles.  A “Ba” and a “Ga,” exclamation-style. Amazing. How my little one changes day by day. Just yesterday when he woke up after a good night’s sleep I could

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The elusive smile and family nurturing of the baby

I’ve been just plain bad about posting to my blog, but over the past 4 days it’s been because my mind and myself have been most happily occupied while spending time with my parents. T is out of town unfortunately

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