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Preliminary Review: Land’s End Do-It-All Diaper Bag

A quick post before I turn in this evening. After MUCH waiting I felt fortunate to receive our diaper bag in the mail. Here is my initial impression of the Land’s End Do-It-All Diaper bag (Retails for US$ 39.50). Mine came monogrammed

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Lots to do, so little time! Ammonia Stink and Baby gets bigger

Have I had this headline before? We have some close relatives visiting from Germany and lots of vacationy weekends, paired with anniversary time and my birthday and too much to do sandwiched in between everything else. I haven’t been able

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Taking advantage of baby’s sleep patterns

So baby L has been asleep for just about an hour so I am afraid my time of being able to type is coming to a close. I just spent a bit of time scrambling to get some new diaper

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The elusive smile and family nurturing of the baby

I’ve been just plain bad about posting to my blog, but over the past 4 days it’s been because my mind and myself have been most happily occupied while spending time with my parents. T is out of town unfortunately

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