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O.M.G. The Greatest Green Chutney Ever

Let me tell it to you straight. I may come from Indian heritage, but I don’t really like green chutney, never have. I was always a nothing-but-imli chutney kind of gal — my sweet tooth always triumphs, even when it comes to

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Succulent Stuffed Artichoke

I first appreciated the process of consuming a whole artichoke ten years ago. A friend of mine from choir invited me over for a homemade Italian feast. I knew this was the real deal when I saw drying linguini draped

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Pizza for everybody

New words have captured my attention this week, including: Bobby (Baaah Beeeeee, Bah Beee) . . I have no idea what this one means Daadi Bzzzz and “Bee” (for both Bee and Mouse) Pita Pita (Pizza) MOMMMEEEEE (for Monkey) .

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Culi-Nirvana: an evening at wd-50

Ok, so this is not a traditional doc2mom topic, but after having a lovely Mother’s Day weekend with my husband and child I want to capture some of our grand dinner. These photos came from my dining experience last weekend

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Wants to bake

Last night I managed to get onto the Interweb and peruse a few websites, which I rarely get to do these days given how busy things are at home keeping up with the daily work for Mr. L and going

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