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6 things you didn’t know you needed for your new baby

Now that my second child is nearly 5 months old, I’m wiping the sweat from my forehead and wondering where the first half-year went?! She rolls around, sings a warbly “ahahahahaa” for me and her dad, and genuinely wins all

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Five discoveries from this morning

This morning L and I were relaxing in his room and folding some laundry. Three thoughts came to me during my efforts: Onesie extenders are awesome. They allow me to stretch the life of my favorite onesies and really help

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Taking advantage of baby’s sleep patterns

So baby L has been asleep for just about an hour so I am afraid my time of being able to type is coming to a close. I just spent a bit of time scrambling to get some new diaper

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Getting the gear

So I attempted to type something here and all of a sudden it disappeared . .but any post needs an intro. I promised pics of the nursery so far so here they are! The ottoman is present, though not pictured

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