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Potpourri and a fluffy picture (as promised)

Container from Suburban Organics

This is going to be a short post since I’ve spent most of the evening getting reacquainted with my technical side. For years I have neglected my personal website and just let it sit, gather dust. Occasionally would I eliminate

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The cloth diaper rundown (Monster post)

As promised, I am unfolding the secrets behind L’s diaper stash, with which we are generally quite happy! Cloth diapering – as it is for most people – has been a great journey so far and we love it, and

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Quick Fluff!!

So against all reason and N’s recommendations to go slow, I went out and ordered a bunch of fluff. In my defense, it was all on sale, overstock, half price, or much-needed and it was essentials. Our little monkey has

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While they are sleeping

So on this most gorgeous of Sunday afternoons both my husband and my son are fast asleep.  I think I need to go next door and wake my man pretty soon – he has lots of work to finish in

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The development continues

Heading into the end of month three this weekend. Can’t believe that my little boy has grown so much and I am only a few weeks away from being back to work. Maternity leave went very quickly, let me tell

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