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A Confession: Cloth [and not so much cloth] in the 2nd year of life

I had all manner of posts that I wanted to post now that Lakshman is one. My updates on virtually every subject: Elimination Communication, feeding efforts, etc. But alas time and energy do not always allow. We’ve been busy looking

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A-[diaper bag]-hunting we will go

So last week when I dug into L’s Skip Hop Dash Deluxe diaper bag to take out some of his spare clothing, I realized that I just couldn’t get to the zipper pocket. It wouldn’t open!!  Dash it all! But

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Five discoveries from this morning

This morning L and I were relaxing in his room and folding some laundry. Three thoughts came to me during my efforts: Onesie extenders are awesome. They allow me to stretch the life of my favorite onesies and really help

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Diaper rash woe and the wonderment of baby cries

Eee!  My little one has diaper rash!  He’s not allowed to get sick! Ok ok, diaper rash doesn’t mean sick, but I didn’t realize how offended I would get when people would suggest that something is wrong with my baby.

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A 1-week old baby

Ok, so the truth is that our baby is about 10 days old today . . . I’m not going to type for too long not because I am excessively busy – to the contrary, because we have friends and

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