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Pregnancy 2.0

2013 has presented our family with so many blessings, even among the challenges.  We are expecting our second child, due almost three years to the date from our first little L, and we recently moved into our first home. It

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He Walks

And mommy misses it! Seriously, What do I get for my troubles of holding the little tyke’s hands and prancing around the rooms of the house?  I miss his first steps!!  We were all together on New Year’s weekend and

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Why “Now” is the best age

Is there a bad age for a baby? Each step has been a fascination for me, an experiment in what it is to become one. A person. A being.  To develop a personality. And so far it’s felt quicker than

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Never again make pumpkin pie!!

So for the first time Cooks Illustrated has done me wrong. Seriously, this is a big blow to my ego as a cook and to my self-esteem overall. Plus I am DEAD Tired!!  1:48 a.m. and my pie doesn’t seem

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