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How time flies – Two years with my little one.

A hair less than two years ago I met the little love of my life, the little man who has made me a mom and who has made me a better pediatrician by being – all within the first few

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More more words

Over the past week little L has come up with a host of new words. Last weekend we visited his grandmother and Chachaji and Chachiji who were with us in Chicago and the little tyke managed to learn how to

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What a Day: Baby’s First Haircut and other Troublesome Events

If only there were time to write all I wanted to write about my tiny little L.  Yesterday was his first birthday and what a weekend. A lovely party with friends and family that was very nearly snowed out (thanks

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Why “Now” is the best age

Is there a bad age for a baby? Each step has been a fascination for me, an experiment in what it is to become one. A person. A being.  To develop a personality. And so far it’s felt quicker than

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