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With a will this strong . . what will he want next?

Today’s post will feature my little toddler’s communication, as I stare at the tornado of books strewn across our living room. No, we don’t have a ton of books, maybe 20 or 30 for children. It just isn’t practical for

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Watch out . . they bite!

Out of everything I have faced through these eight months of breast feeding my little one, nothing has filled me with such terror as that dastardly bite of a little infant’s baby tooth. Sure, I’d heard about it. One medical professional

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My little tater tot

The tongue sticks out and bubbles form on the surface, zurbles, burbles.  A “Ba” and a “Ga,” exclamation-style. Amazing. How my little one changes day by day. Just yesterday when he woke up after a good night’s sleep I could

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