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My own little Doc McStuffins

Sometimes I can’t believe what a shrewd little thinker I have on my hands. Some things just can’t be taught. My son, a three year old going on 30, has always been my cautious child. Childproofing was lost on him.

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6 things you didn’t know you needed for your new baby

Now that my second child is nearly 5 months old, I’m wiping the sweat from my forehead and wondering where the first half-year went?! She rolls around, sings a warbly “ahahahahaa” for me and her dad, and genuinely wins all

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Memories worth Remembering: It’s Always Time to be Thankful

Before I post this, let me relay that the irony of this post is that as I was writing it my website came crashing down – messed up, jumbled – before my very eyes. Anyway, it is now Monday afternoon

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Fun with Knocking things over!

Well, the past several weeks have kept my family extremely busy. With lots of people visiting from across the world and a beach trip, an earthquake, and a hurricane, I definitely haven’t been able to get to this lovely blog

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Baby’s first outing

On a daily basis there is always much to write about. This morning was spent with another amazingly explosive poo.  Mama had to remove the diaper, clean baby, got not one but two poo explosions which she [sort-of] caught with

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