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On this Mother’s Day, my gripe with Time’s cover

Mother’s day weekend in New York. A mother’s day dinner last night sans baby (so mommy actually got to eat the delectable creations of a certain Chef Wylie Dufresne). The graduation from NYU of my little baby brother who has

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Wants to bake

Last night I managed to get onto the Interweb and peruse a few websites, which I rarely get to do these days given how busy things are at home keeping up with the daily work for Mr. L and going

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Potpourri and a fluffy picture (as promised)

Container from Suburban Organics

This is going to be a short post since I’ve spent most of the evening getting reacquainted with my technical side. For years I have neglected my personal website and just let it sit, gather dust. Occasionally would I eliminate

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Webby cool

So when I was on the way home from work today, I listened to an interesting news piece that told me about an interesting new website that is out there. Since the beginning of my marriage, catalogs and unwanted mail

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