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Finding time to be me and not mom

I just got back from rehearsal with my choir — yes — choir. It’s been just under 5 years — essentially since the birth of little L, that I have not performed in choirs (or a cappella or musical theatre

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In which we begin the next 6 months

Today begins the second 6 months of L’s life; Yesterday T and I enjoyed a little treat: red velvet cupcakes on L’s “6 month” birthday – I guess that this was officially his half birthday since he became at least

Mommy brain

I had a great idea for a post last night which simply disintegrated by the morning, just like many of my ideas do after they surface.  Time to blame the mommy brain. Yes, the mommy brain. I didn’t hear about

A quick hello

Baby is crying again so I must be off . . . busy days – milk collection, air travel, new diapers, smiles, development – lots LOTS to talk about in the context of the blogosphere. But I will pick up

Interweb wonders

Wow, it is funny how I start a post three days ago routinely and can’t get it together enough to complete the post the same day.  I started this post earlier this week while doing some Amazon searches. The cook

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