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Fotos and Bag-O-Rama

So the packing of the baby birth bag is nearly complete: As I was told by friends, it’s best not to take too many items with oneself to the birth because you may not use them. I doubt I’ll need

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Just about ready . . .38 weeks gestation

The condo finally has some semblance of order. Good thing I did a lot when my energy was up because these days I am getting pretty tired at very random times. I’m down to half-days at work (mostly) until this

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37 Weeks Gestation: Holidays are over . . and so much left to be typed

Well, given how absolutely fantastic my holiday season was, I sure wish I had more time to type about it, but alas, I was enjoying family, baking, eating, nesting. All in all it was a lovely Christmas vacation. There were

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Finding a Birthing Class (a.k.a.: The best DH there is)

For weeks DH and I have struggled to find a childbirthing class. While my friends were able to attend Bradley Birthing classes, I narrowly missed the window between fall and the holiday season and seem to have missed many childbirth

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Fun Baby Times

Making a baby registry is definitely a fun pastime when I come home and am tired of constantly cleaning, washing dishes, and doing laundry – all of which I expect to do much more of once the baby arrived (hello

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