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What healed my daughter’s eczema

Just a short little ditty here because I have another post planned but now that my daughter’s skin is [practically] pristine, I want to share some of the things we have learned: 1) Her skin is very sensitive to heat

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Treating my Baby’s Eczema: The case of the itchy scalp

I grew up with terrifically dry skin which, at first handshake, makes people think that I must be 67 years old — that is, unless they are staring me in the face and see I otherwise look about my age.

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FDA warns on safety of commonly used medication for constipation

3am snacks afford me the opportunity to do things right now that I otherwise would not be able to do as thoroughly during the day – one of which is to read more into some of the medical-related updates that

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Vitamin D – Trying out a new supplement brand

In my most recent post on Vitamin D for children I mentioned that I would soon be receiving a bottle of Vitamin D drops (cholecalciferol or Vitamin D3) which contain 400 IU of Vitamin D per drop.  While recommendations have now

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Musings on Tragedy and Violence

I don’t know how to talk about the heartbreaking tragedy of the mass killing in Newtown, Connecticut without somehow adding imperfections to the attention and tributes that have already come to the events. How can I really add to the

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