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Growing pains? Optimizing Bone Health and Vitamin D

Ugh. My tongue is still infused with metallic-like sweet flavor, and I’m starting to feel sick to my stomach. I really need a drink of water, and then I need some chocolate to eliminate this horrid sensation. No, I didn’t

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AAP to release new policy on circumcision

I just received notice that this Monday the American Academy of Pediatrics will be releasing a new policy on infant circumcision. A tough choice for any parent, circumcision is a controversial topic that demands careful thought and consideration. If you

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West Nile Virus outbreak

Current data shows that the West Nile Virus outbreak seen this year is heading to be the largest outbreak since the virus was identified. See this article from CNN for recent information or the West Nile Virus page of the

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Got Teeth? A primer for dental care

Until yesterday, Little L was overdue for his first dental appointment. Yes, that’s right. Dr. R, who routinely recommends – along with the American Dental Association – that a child see the dentist by the age of 1, had not

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Coxsackie strikes again!

(cue music) Summertime viruses make me queasy Throats are hurting and the fevers run high L, your daddy’s scared and mom called the doctor With all of your family standing by . . . Three days ago L woke up

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