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Emesis City

Post-tussive, that is.  (in other words, vomiting after coughing!) This week has engaged T, L, and I in another adventure in infectious disease. Whereas two weeks ago L and I were the only ones subjected to headaches and vomiting and

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The story of my first McRib

Just ordered my first McRib ever at McDonald’s today. It was a pretty pathetic sight.  Just goes to show that I haven’t frequented the establishment in a very LONG time. The minute I stepped into the franchise and looked at

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Having a baby is like being on call at the hospital 24/7, only when the pager goes off you can’t wait 30 seconds to call it back – it’s your baby crying next to you.  But you don’t mind the

For what to type?

I had an idea of what I wanted to post a few days ago, but as the days turn into nights turn into days, my memories become quite vague. It is not the easiest to remember all one’s goals. Our

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Driving someone else crazy

Cupcakes and me at the wedding!

As the due date nears, intermittent contractions seem to be increasing. Things seemed to come a little further toward fruition yesterday when, while dancing at a local friend’s wedding, I started making faces at T. He kept telling me to

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