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On the hunt

Nesting in the fullest sense of the word not only involves for T and I the process of painting and decorating little L’s room – which took up several weeks of the whole pregnancy process with him – but has

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So much time, so little to do

As if! I don’t know how weeks go by when I can post nearly every day and then during other weeks I don’t get a single chance to post. The past few weeks have been characterized by me ticking off


For some reason I thought I had posted yesterday, but this must be a case of pregnancy brain. This week has been marked by a notable change in my comfort level. They say that when you get toward the end

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Getting the gear

So I attempted to type something here and all of a sudden it disappeared . .but any post needs an intro. I promised pics of the nursery so far so here they are! The ottoman is present, though not pictured

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Busy bees

Until yesterday I wasn’t quite convinced that we would ever get our house in working order. But suddenly the office desk had miraculously moved to the bedroom (through the work of T and a nice guy who works downstairs. The

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