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We can work [it] out: Part II

Last week in part I I discussed how I would tackle the subject of weight loss between 3 and 12 months post-pregnancy. To summarize my personal experiences from pregnancy and postpartum: Attending carefully to dietary recommendations during pregnancy with a

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A glut of Gastroenteritis

FYI, little L has come down with another little fever and vomiting. This one has been going around daycare for the past week or so. I have spent the past two nights comforting him and cleaning the bedsheets, floors, and

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We can work [it] out, Part I

Now that we are heading up on the completion of Year One, so many things come to mind. Pumping. Diapers. Baby Food. First steps.  It’s a time to reflect, a time to enjoy. Ah, motherhood. Is this a tad sentimental?

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Skipped a day??!! Results of OGTT Number 2

It is hard to keep up blogging on a daily basis. The time it takes to write something coherent is one thing, then to find links, pictures, etc. does add stuff into the mix. Today has been a pretty good

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The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test: Being a physician doesn’t free me from the trappings of pregnancy!

Today I learned that I did not pass (ok, failed) my 1-hour glucose challenge test.  More than that, I failed “badly” according to my OB/Gyn. Apparently not badly enough that I have gestational diabetes (GDM), but I learned that I

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