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Succulent Stuffed Artichoke

I first appreciated the process of consuming a whole artichoke ten years ago. A friend of mine from choir invited me over for a homemade Italian feast. I knew this was the real deal when I saw drying linguini draped

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My Junior Gymnast

As always, each week has shown us special developments in the life of my little L. Over the past week his latest developments have been his consistent – and appropriate – use of “Yeah” and “Nyome/Nyope.” How it shocks me

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Free to wear sunscreen

Now that it is hot as heck outside, it is time for L to slather on the sunscreen. Although we Indians have a darker shade of skin and are less prone to obvious burns, we are also susceptible to sun-related

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Scalded Sweet Potato Smash

Since T and I have subscribed to Suburban Organics, we have more vegetables than we know what to do with. I am overwhelmed, even with getting the smallest box we can and skipping occasional deliveries.  But on the flip side,

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My little carnivore (ok, omnivore)

You may recall that when L was 6 months old he gave me “The Petit Appetit” cookbook for mother’s day. Nearly 1 year later, that book is on the shelf (with the noted exception of actually being helpful for puree

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