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So much time, so little to do

As if! I don’t know how weeks go by when I can post nearly every day and then during other weeks I don’t get a single chance to post. The past few weeks have been characterized by me ticking off


For some reason I thought I had posted yesterday, but this must be a case of pregnancy brain. This week has been marked by a notable change in my comfort level. They say that when you get toward the end

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The Circle of Life

Now that our condo appears totally ransacked my Monday will once again be devoted to cleaning and organization. Funny how this never ends, and it usually begins with me messing something up irreparably to the point that which I have

Slow-volution of a room

So after returning home from a pretty successful fall concert with my choir, DH and I went back to the terrible task of clearing out the future nursery.  This time our task was taking the innumerable books my husband and

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Very tiring day!

So I got up bright and early this morning with lots of plans in mind, and ultimately spent the entire day painting the closets. Not to fear, we bought zero VOC Olympic premium paint and have had the ventilation going

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