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Five discoveries from this morning

This morning L and I were relaxing in his room and folding some laundry. Three thoughts came to me during my efforts: Onesie extenders are awesome. They allow me to stretch the life of my favorite onesies and really help

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Games babies play

Well at the tender age of 8 months, little L is already showing mommy who’s boss. He clearly has decided to do things against the grain and a tad differently compared to what mommy read in her medical books. No,

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Lots to do, so little time! Ammonia Stink and Baby gets bigger

Have I had this headline before? We have some close relatives visiting from Germany and lots of vacationy weekends, paired with anniversary time and my birthday and too much to do sandwiched in between everything else. I haven’t been able

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Fluffy pic

Such a nice day in Philly today . . . lovely lunch at the Parc Rittenhouse, Froyo at Yogorino, and a stroll through Rittenhouse square to visit their farmer’s market. And to top it all off later in the afternoon

So much time, so little to do

As if! I don’t know how weeks go by when I can post nearly every day and then during other weeks I don’t get a single chance to post. The past few weeks have been characterized by me ticking off