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Fun in the sun and words abound . .and more illnesses

These past several weeks, as usual, have introduced me to worlds more fun than the weeks before. Isn’t it the way? There more he grows the more I grow attached to this little one, the more he becomes something familiar

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Pizza for everybody

New words have captured my attention this week, including: Bobby (Baaah Beeeeee, Bah Beee) . . I have no idea what this one means Daadi Bzzzz and “Bee” (for both Bee and Mouse) Pita Pita (Pizza) MOMMMEEEEE (for Monkey) .

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Pride and pomp

On the train en route to Boston, my little one slept peacefully with his legs resting on my lap. He was a bit restless early on in the train ride because we woke up an hour and a half early

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Performance Anxiety, or, the day I finally understood “One Froggy Evening”

As proud parents T and I are always so excited to share our new discoveries of what little L can do. Again, when it’s your own kid, pretty much everything is amazing and exciting and undeniably new. Nobody but this

On the hunt

Nesting in the fullest sense of the word not only involves for T and I the process of painting and decorating little L’s room – which took up several weeks of the whole pregnancy process with him – but has

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