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Puttin’ on the Underpants: Mommy Learns about Potty Training

With a busy fall in play and following an equally busy summer, I’ve lost track of my constant goals to monitor my parenting style and skills. My photographs of my little one have fallen by the wayside and I’m generally

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Coxsackie strikes again!

(cue music) Summertime viruses make me queasy Throats are hurting and the fevers run high L, your daddy’s scared and mom called the doctor With all of your family standing by . . . Three days ago L woke up

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Is it time yet (for potty training?)

Lest I get ahead of myself let’s regroup and see where we are with L and the potty. Every morning he sits on his baby potty and he tries to go #2. Most of the time (probably about 65% of

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Running around in circles

I’ll give you a few situations that remind me why being a new parent was the best weight loss plan in the world. 1. If you eat a full meal, consider yourself lucky. My meal the other day was chock

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2 weeks of EC

After two weeks of “intermittent” EC, little L has gone to the bathroom in the toilet (!) more than 5 times!  And the past two days when I tried it, he went almost immediately when I posed him in his

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