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Ah the unjust experiences of toddlerhood

I’ve been increasingly touched by the daily notes given to us by L’s daycare teacher. Each day he shares with me with so many unique things about the sensitive and lovely gem with whom I’ve been blessed. The other day

Making beautiful music together with your children

Prior to motherhood my time was spent often frequenting a variety of choral endeavours – musical theater at school and home, choirs, singing in the shower, karaoke bars – I’ve sung in many many different places and at one point

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Fun in the sun and words abound . .and more illnesses

These past several weeks, as usual, have introduced me to worlds more fun than the weeks before. Isn’t it the way? There more he grows the more I grow attached to this little one, the more he becomes something familiar

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Pride and pomp

On the train en route to Boston, my little one slept peacefully with his legs resting on my lap. He was a bit restless early on in the train ride because we woke up an hour and a half early

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With a will this strong . . what will he want next?

Today’s post will feature my little toddler’s communication, as I stare at the tornado of books strewn across our living room. No, we don’t have a ton of books, maybe 20 or 30 for children. It just isn’t practical for

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