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Moms (and Moms-to-Be) and our Role in the Workplace

Since becoming a mom, I’ve felt like I was on the job 24/7.  From nursing a baby all the time to foregoing my thirst for Internet/cell phone time because I know it will increase L’s thirst for the same, to trying to cook for him, to navigate daycare/home/busy weekend schedules,

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Musings on Tragedy and Violence

I don’t know how to talk about the heartbreaking tragedy of the mass killing in Newtown, Connecticut without somehow adding imperfections to the attention and tributes that have already come to the events. How can I really add to the

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Reflecting on a time nine years ago: Speaking at the Philadelphia Health Corps Graduation

Some days during one’s career escape categorization into the “daily grind.” I speak not of this evening, which just released me from the grasp of my son, who never wants to sleep. I’m not about to explore the tough task

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Being mom is enough: a request

In light of Time’s recent cover that – to many – serves to divide moms into different camps rather than to help any of the causes of moms who are trying to defend their actions, I encourage you all to

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The damage inflicted by the callow

Having graduated from Harvard just short of ten years ago, I still feel pretty close to the University and remember the tenacity of Harvard students and their desire for social justice.  Unfortunately, despite lofty goals and thoughts of greatness, perhaps

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