Nothing but the best feeling

DSC_0358-bwYesterday, a sleepy cloudy Sunday afternoon, left me with a short window of time with littel L asleep. Rather than try to get work done, I instead nuzzled up next to my napping son and took in a bit of slumber myself. We slept soundly together. About an hour later he awoke so gently and simply looked at me. I looked at him. Then we played this lovely game of alternately looking at each other and smiling with our eyes shut tight, then looking up at the briskly moving ceiling fan and smiling back at each other. How special it is to see his squinting eyes and his gleeful closed-mouth smile, lips pursed but turned up at the edges. And we did this for ten minutes, not saying a word, when suddenly he reached out with his hand and clasped my nose and murmured, “Hont Hont!” (Honk honk). Then he giggled, exclaiming to me “That’s a Silly Billy!”