Sippies side-by-side

For my first attempt at a video blog aka vlog, I decided to tackle the question of sippy cups and what to choose from the myriad items out there. If you want the short of it (shorter than my vlog anyway) – sippy cups just aren’t a big deal. Pick one, use it, and keep it clean. Non-leakproof, hard-spouted or straw-based sippies are better choices for children learning to drink adult-style.  Kick the sippy habit as soon as possible (regular cups are better for everyone), and avoid sugared drinks for your baby/toddler. And no running around with sippies in hand.  Video #2 discussing the ins and outs of these recommendations is forthcoming.

If you want the long story on my journey buying too many things, check out my video above. With the huge market for sippy cups out there I felt overwhelmed. There are $18 sippy cups like the “Lollacup,” down to others that cost as little as $1 to $2.  What have you chosen for your child? What cups do you feel are the easiest to use, the safest, and the best for your child’s dental health?

Here are some additional resources to keep you busy:

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