On the hunt

Nesting in the fullest sense of the word not only involves for T and I the process of painting and decorating little L’s room – which took up several weeks of the whole pregnancy process with him – but has now grown to involve our trying to find the perfect little place in the world for us to build our home. Our desire for a bigger space came gradually. As L became mobile, we found that the condo walls could no longer contain him. Always knocking at the inside of the door to our condo, he craves the outdoors. He scratches at the windows and always wants to look, look, look. When he was smaller the outside world was a focus of his curiosity but was not an essential, but now that he can toddle himself around, nothing will satisfy him except for being in the great outdoors. To blow bubbles, walk around, hold his ball, what have you.

So this innate need of our son has led us to push the inevitable a little further up in our focus: we need to find a house. This will be my first home-buying experience. Making that final commitment poses great challenges to non-commital me. I used to think that for my first home I would be ok with a transitional place which we settled into for a few years and then expanded, but after having moved several times in the past few years I am totally over that experience. No need to move without necessity, so if possible it would be great if this were our last big move for the next several years. Thus we seek perfection: that wonderful alignment of school district, safe, developed neighborhood, ideal kitchen, flat backyard, sunlight but trees, enough bedrooms for a growing family and extended family – way too many qualities to be found easily in a home. And now, 5 months into the search and 50-odd houses visited, we still haven’t quite found the place. We do have a property we have our eye on, but even that one has some major issues into which I will not delve at this time. Suffice to say that I’m starting to get worried, even though another part of me thinks that we are close to finding a place.

Today led us to 15 different houses with our realtor, who I am sure must already be frazzled after showing us so many fantastic places that, oh just don’t fit the bill in this way or that. But how can we afford not to be picky? This is that place in which we plan to spend the rest of our lives, provided that our jobs and our goals keep us here. This could be the place from which little L attends high school. Such a big deal! And so amazing to think that this decision could lead us so far into our future. The frustrating experience is seeing the properties we do and constantly scouring the net for new properties which disappear from the market as soon as they enter it. When will that fast-acting maverick be me?

But no need to worry too much, I’m afraid. There is just too much to enjoy about this stage of life for little L. The other night some new friends of ours came over with their almost one-year-old child to have some dinner, and on that evening little L learned to say “Pizza!” So excited he was to eat pizza on this day, my goodness. He has also picked up the art of saying “no” – not once, but multiple times and in a beautifully cute tone of defiance. Want to go to daddy, L? “No!” Want to pick up the toys? “No!” to the point that I”m not sure if he really knows what “no” means because most of the time he is so happy to help and so unhappy when he disappoints that I know that he never actually plans to be defiant of his mom. It’s just that his goals and his mom’s goals don’t always align perfectly. Ah, the plight of toddlerdom. But in any case it is late night again and we have the week ahead of us coming all too soon. nighty night!