Suddenly mobile

Hmm. . . I’ve been thinking up some new lyrics to The Strokes’ “Last Night”:

Last night
He crawled
Oh baby I felt so glad
But then he rolled on down
And reached to grab my phone
He’s only just begun . . .

We’ve been waiting and waiting for this lazy one to crawl. We’ve put him on the floor on all fours, only to see him slowly descend till his little tan face is smushing against the deep mahogany wood, his arms and legs flailing around. We’ve sat him up on the carpet, put a toy within a few feet of reach, just beyond what’s comfortable.  “But no,” he declares with his eyes and an outreach of hands straight up into the air. “I will not move on my own . . . .  but, I will gladly join you if you take me . . . to whichever destination I choose.”

He loves to grab our index fingers with his two little hands so that he can wobble around the condo. It’s juuuust a little tiring on the back for me, but entirely precious. My friends tell me to count my blessings. They are quite jealous that L isn’t yet set in motion, with their one-year-old marathoners. True, we haven’t had to childproof yet as much as most. I’ve got outlet covers placed strategically, but I haven’t had to discard all my household plants, remove all cords, put away the floor lamps, move everything within that boy’s reach to something far, far away. Yes, we’ve been lucky.

Till now (exclamation point).  Two nights ago little warmed my heart and worried my stomach with his ability to traverse to the far reaches of T and my bed. Two nights ago our little booger decided to reach out for not moi, but for the cordless phone of which he oh-so-wants-to-push-the-buttons! He and I were playing while T was out grocery shopping and the phone was lying on the bed. I slowly saw the prince reach out, inch out, bit by bit.  He was a little too close to the phone at this point so I pushed it back a few feet. Then I saw it, the slow outstretching of the left foot, bending of the right knee and pressure on the right forefoot, toes splayed. Heave, ho! Like an army soldier his shoulders dove into the bedding, and he thrust his elbows out, almost rolling his trunk two and fro to propel himself forward, and then it happened. He was able to reach out, grab the phone, and turned to me and started giggling uncontrollably.  My little baby did it!

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  1. Oh, how exciting! It is certainly more work for the parents when they’re mobile, but it’s such a joy to see them on the move.

    I love your description, too 🙂

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