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Doc2Mom’s not the only one who’s into “it all.”  So is little L.  Ever since Thanksgiving weekend, when we braved the intimidating traffic while engaging in airplane travel (helloooo and welcome and thank you very much, Family Lane!  How I love you!!), L has been into everything. If there is a door, he has to open it. If there is a drawer, well, he can’t quite open that . . yet . . but he must touch, grab, anything.  Get his little paws on what he sees.  He always had his eye on the sparkly stuff, like Indian bells hanging from our floor lamps, jewelry on the hand, ear, or neck. Screws, screw holes, the backs of electronic toys also tickle his fancy.  But now, items he never noticed before now capture his attention, such as the wheels of his stroller and the cast iron pan that is sitting on the floor of one of our kitchen cabinets. All of a sudden I am in constant fear that his feet will be trampled by something he is exploring, may it be a stool or a chair or someone else’s feet.

So tonight I had to go up to “defcon 2” in terms of safety patrol.  Yes, the lazy one is not so lazy.  And yes I have been a bit late on the trigger.  We began the basic babyproofing several months ago and started to put outlet covers on the outlets (not just the plug-in-style covers, but the replacement outlet covers that require you to move some gizmo here or there to use the outlet.  We have long since had our medications and chemicals in high, hidden, and preferably locked locations.  But it is easy to forget little things here and there and now that I see L opening a cabinet, my mind races to think of what is in there and whether it is safe. 10 months is too late to complete babyproofing, but truly L was not into everything until then.  But now I need to grab some a toilet lock, some cabinet locks, and to finish up putting outlet covers everywhere else in the house, etc.

It is funny how suddenly items that seemed completely idiotic are now suddenly reasonable and sensible.  Like the shower spout cover. I never quite figured out why the heck we’d need that . . and living at our place, where we have a baby bath for L, anyway, we probably don’t need one yet. But when we visited my mother-in-law this weekend, I noticed that the water spout got very hot when we were filling L’s bath in her bathtub.  Aaaah, that’s why people use a spout cover!

I am looking forward to understanding firsthand the ins and outs of infant/toddler safety.

Does anyone have any favorite babyproofing items?

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