2 weeks of EC

After two weeks of “intermittent” EC, little L has gone to the bathroom in the toilet (!) more than 5 times!  And the past two days when I tried it, he went almost immediately when I posed him in his bathroom position, with his little bum on the toilet seat and his legs hanging over the bowl.  I don’t know if it is luck or him maybe learning a little that “now” is a safe time to go, but I’ll take it either way.  In fact, the second I went “Ssss” he went #1 and the only struggle was making sure that everything went in the proper direction.  Ahh, the joy of having a boy!  In any case, he has really impressed me with his skills and his ability to go right away.  It doesn’t stop him from making #2 randomly throughout the day, but one time in the toilet a day is good enough for me! Well done, L!

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  1. Hi,
    I’m wife to Jason S. from the Indy–I am also a doctor mom (family doc)!. We have a 7 month old son now and have also been doing intermittent EC with much success!! More than 3/4 of his #2’s are going in the toilet, and maybe 1/2 of his #1’s. Amazing eh? My brother did it since birth with all three of his boys, but I am pleased to know it works when starting late (6 mos) and only doing it 4-5 times per day.
    We also are cloth diapering. Question for you—do you have a HE washer? We just moved and our new place has an HE washer, I wonder if you have any experience about the settings.
    Here’s to more of our boys’ stuff going in the toilet and less diapers to wash!!
    Thanks for your great blog,

    1. Great to hear from you, Jackie, and please say hi to Jason! It’s so cool to see that he’s embarked on his writing career and is doing so well! Jason is simply the nicest guy in the world, as I clearly remember from all the fun times at the Indy, but I’m sure you already know that!! 🙂 I’m glad that you have shared your EC experiences. It is fascinating – over the past week L has done 6 of 7 of his daily morning #2s in the toilet. I’m still not totally on top of his bowel movements and because he is always clamouring for milk, he sometimes surprises me, but I agree with you – definitely saves diaper washing. It’s interesting, we have more and more extra cloth diapers around I think since starting the EC, my shelves are always full, as opposed to when L was younger and I was really going through the diapers. I have to hand it to you doing EC several times a day with work – I definitely can’t keep up with that!! 🙂 But once you see the cue it’s fun to rush baby to the toilet, isn’t it!

      We do have a high efficiency washer, which was incidentally the only type of washer we were able to have in our condo unit – we have a Bosch mini Axxis Washer with Condenser dryer. I love the high efficiency, but I had no idea it was so tough on cloth diapers, which really require more water. In general we keep a dry pail that is open to air to minimize stink from fermentation of urine. When loading, I try to keep the loads only half full and I generally rinse a few of the prefolds – soak them through – with water, to trick the washer into thinking that there is more laundry. The woman who sold us our diapers (Inge at Green Family Living) recommended throwing a wet towel in the laundry, which accomplishes the same task. I also make sure to wash out the poopy diapers either with the sprayer or in the sink. When L had just breast fed poo it wasn’t a big deal because the diapers washed really well in the sink. Now that things are more solid and stinky we use the diaper sprayer in the toilet, and I use Bac-out in my prewash for ammonia stink.

      My settings are as follows:
      Wash 1: A “quick” wash on cold with 3-4 squirts of Bac-Out, lowest spin setting. I don’t know if the low spin setting helps but I do it to maximize the water in the load.
      Wash 2: Hot water, maximum spin speed, with the more intensive wash setting and “Rinse Plus”. I use 1/16 cup of Charlie’s laundry detergent (yes, that little, and I still have had to strip my cloth diapers once!!)
      Dry cycle: Regular dry low heat. We dry in the dryer, I don’t have the energy to try to hang dry and I like how fluffy things get with the dryer.

      Again, Thanks for writing me. It’s fun for me seeing that people are actually reading my blog!! 🙂 I love talking to mommies!

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