Overwhelmed by the utter cuteness

There are times . .  . okay many times . . .when I want to take baby L in my arms and squeeze and squeeze him. I am so completely overwhelmed by the love I feel for this little guy. Just to share before the memory even attempts to become less vivid — today we had one of our typical days with L. He is a morning person, with the scrunchiest smiliest faces and the vigor of 10 babies as he holds onto our hands and hoists himself up to take little miniature steps.  Refusing to crawl, or even to make an attempt to lift his up, he only wants to stand or have “Kadi Godhi” — being in our lap, . . . but forcing us to stand up and walk around while we are holding him close.

We had a fun day of feeding him little solids, laughing and playing Peekaboo with him. He goes CRAZY for the “kookkook” every time he sees mommy jump up and surprise him!  The giggles are simply unbeatable. So after uncontrollable giggles he routinely gets a little cranky and wants Kadi Godhi again . .. . wants some feeding. Then we calmed and soothed him by playing his favorite music and giving him a massage and a bath, some time with his new teething biscuits to gnaw and gnaw and paw. Then some dinner, and then he was seated, surprisingly calmly, in his Bjorn bouncer.

After a few minutes he began whining again. T and I were sitting down to dinner (homemade chicken tenders and steamed veggies) and L wanted to be a part of it. So we went over to his chair, picked him up, and plopped him into his booster seat at the dinner table.  As we started eating we couldn’t help but notice that little L was, strangely, doing just fine. He was looking at us, making little sounds, but wasn’t craving his usual dose of attention. I was able to occasionally get a half-smile out of him with some peekaboos and big smiles, but he was just. . .  a little different.

Then we saw it.  L’s little hands symmetrically holding the kitchen table, his head floating just above, began to tilt ever so slightly forward, then slightly move back. Then his eyes – he sucked on a pacifier and I saw his eyelids gradually drooping down, then opening up, then drooping down again. He was nodding off at the dinner table!  I truly don’t remember seeing a sight like this. It was just so cute. He wanted to sit with us and was holding onto the table just to stay awake. None of the rapid whines or cries, no discontent, just the very slight sign that this boy was at the edge of deep sleep! So I scooped him up out of the booster seat and took him over for a feeding of milk, which he drank hungrily with closed eyes, and then off he quickly drifted to sleep. It’s never been so easy to put the boy to sleep. I wonder if the massage, bath, avid playtime and a few pureed meals helped take him to Nod. Don’t want to forget that look on his face, so contented and sleepy my little prince was.

And here I am at 1:43 in the morning, typing this. He had next awakened at about 10:30 for a feed, so I ran over and gave some milk and laid down with him, next thing I I know, it’s 1:30! So off he went back to his crib and me to mine. Sweet Dreams, young L.