Container from Suburban Organics

Potpourri and a fluffy picture (as promised)

This is going to be a short post since I’ve spent most of the evening getting reacquainted with my technical side. For years I have neglected my personal website and just let it sit, gather dust. Occasionally would I eliminate a chunk here or there of the site for fear of never editing it properly again. Yesterday, I took the plunge back into web design, knowing I really do need to update the site, and explored Dreamweaver. How much web design has changed since I first began with the Internet, when I’d be able to edit simple html and could do a lot of my stuff on Frontpage. Dreamweaver has so many options and buttons and codes I have no idea where to begin. It would help if I was familiar with coding in the first place. I should have stayed at least a little current because now I feel like I am diving head first into an abyss. All I want is a pretty little website. I have a feeling I may end up doing a bunch of mockups in Adobe Fireworks and just keeping those as the site. It comes across as pretty customizable, though I don’t know how well these Fireworks files would be visible to other people. I’ve been loving WordPress and all its plugins, which make it so easy to do WYSIWYG editing, it really puts a great mask over everything. Now in Dreamweaver I’m taking down that mask and trying to figure out my way around cascading stylesheets. I know, I’m way behind. But maybe one day eventually I’ll be able to relaunch my website, a little neater, slicker, and more up to date.

The other half of my technical visitations is having fun with iMovie. We have tons of video footage of little L already in our stores, and I wanted to make a compilation video of his first six months of life. . . so the finished product, with background music from L’s massage routine, is currently in the process of being uploaded to Youtube.

Container from Suburban Organics
Check out the beautiful fruits and veggies

Ok, this is a longer post than I thought. Might as well go with it. We also got some fun mail today which not only includes an immersion blender I want to use to make baby food, but more important has those great veggies and fruits  I’ve been waiting for.  The box came all nice and cool with a cool pack in it and the produce was just beautiful. Gorgeous eggplants, a pound of huge organic garlic, mixed greens, an avocado, squash, zucchini, nectarines, peaches, strawberries.  All were totally worth the value, delicious and unbruised. The eggplants were particularly adorable. After receiving an email stating that the eggplants were “a little smaller than expected” and that we each would receive two instead of one, I wasn’t sure what to expect. See below for the tiniest eggplants you’ve ever seen, they were like premie eggplants. But oh so cute and they look like they will be delicious.  And how could I forget the piece de resistance: Heirloom Tomatoes, which were absolutely heavenly in our spinach-avocado-balsamic vinegar salad, topped with pine nuts. Mmmmm .. . was so good. And I grilled some zucchini on the stove. Also very very good. I’m totally up for more shipments from Suburban Organics!

The tiniest eggplants I've ever seen, but aren't they pretty?

I received an email today from one of my site visitors asking me about my previous blog and where they could find it.  The blog was called The Chimpangutan’s Adventures and can be found here.  Please enjoy its randomness.  It pretty much covers all kinds of things: musing, wedding planning, medicine rants, whining, restaurant reviews. Like I did today while cruising the blog after many months, you may get a kick out of it.

Aside from that, I have what I’ve been promising: a fluffy picture.  Check out the gorgeous prints and the fuzzy minky of the GoGreen covers will be fun!  Dipes are in the wash being prepped for use, along with 4 FB perfect size Mediums I’ve been ***waiting*** for. I heart my Fuzzibunz.  They look SOOO much bigger than my size smalls. Goodness gracious.  Anyway, here is the fluff – so excited to use them!

Diapers galore
Clockwise from top center: Sustainablebabyish snapless multi fitted diaper, 3 GoGreen pocket diapers (the giraffe print has gussets similar to a Rumparooz and the other two are more typical pocket designs). Last: a Gen-Y cover in "AniMayhem."