Baby’s First Cold

Not exactly one of the firsts I was looking forward to, L’s first cold in no way took us by surprise. We were waiting for this day. Almost 5 months to me seems pretty lucky, having seen children come into the hospital within days, weeks of birth with a multitude of illnesses. But it’s never easy when it’s your own child. About 5 days ago T came home with a sore throat and stuffy nose and the rest of us (i.e. baby and I) thought we had gotten off easy since several days later we didn’t have much of anything . . . though through unrelated circumstances I had come down with a brief case of food poisoning.  But lo and behold, just when I was feeling better and T went out of town, I felt the pangs of a sore throat interrupting my evening slumber, and dear little L, sweet little L, could not sleep. He awoke with a start in the middle of the night with a big ‘achooOOO’ and suddenly snot was everywhere. Thankfully my mom was home with us last evening so after she changed (he had done his cough/snot/sneeze all over her), I changed him, cleaned out his nose with nasal saline, soothed him, and calmed him, mom took over so that I could sleep a little bit at night and my fussy little guy got to be awake for awhile. At least I could tell things were so bad since he flashed me a smile before I went to sleep. He was rocking in the glider with mom. I got up a few hours later at 5:30 a.m. and found both asleep comfortably. Mom said that it took him awhile to get to sleep.

Too bad we couldn’t get off without any cold, but every child needs his chance to develop his immune system, yes? He was burning hot this morning when I fed him so I have the Tylenol around, but we are trying to lay off as long as he is comfortable because I feel that fevers do have their reason for being around, and they help babies fight infections. I on the other hand will medicate in order to get to work and it seems likely that little L won’t make it to daycare for the rest of the week. I wouldn’t want to get the rest of the kiddies sick. So far it doesn’t seem like we have to call the doctor- I figured I’d wait till he gets a real fever or if he has any troubles I feel like we can’t handle at home. Here’s crossing our fingers that things remain manageable!

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  1. Hope you’re both feeling better soon! On the plus side, as much as it stinks to see your baby sick (and hard when they can’t tell you things), we’ve found that n gets over illnesses so much faster than us!

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