Mommy brain

I had a great idea for a post last night which simply disintegrated by the morning, just like many of my ideas do after they surface.  Time to blame the mommy brain.

Yes, the mommy brain. I didn’t hear about this until I was a mama, just like so many things I have had a crash course in over the past few months. First I begin to understand why parents are crazy. Then I begin to understand why I, myself, am crazy, etc. etc. etc. Call it a side effect of sleep deprivation (which, by the way, during residency was MUCH more severe and think of the decisions I was required to make then!!)  Now as a mommy with responsibility over a little baby I – again – am much deprived of sleep. It is a funny thing when a four-hour stretch of sleep feels like a lot and when, yesterday, I found a two hour span of time when baby decided to nap and suddenly was incredibly efficient. Yes! I folded laundry, packed our bags for Chicago, washed the bottles and prepped bottles for today, arranged things in the house, cleaned up the baby’s room, with time to spare! Absolutely amazing how efficient one can be as a mom when given an appreciable amount of time to be an adult.

Unfortunately, with this newfound multitasking ability my hobbies have been affected. No longer do I sing in a choral group (I hope to return to this soon, but for now I don’t feel like I have the time! One rehearsal exhausts me for a week!). I still take multiple photographs in the house but I don’t get to read my photog magazines or play with photoshop . .  . . or turn that myriad of baby photos into a book . . . as I want to do.  But does all this really matter?  Not really. Life is pretty darned nice with baby. The smiles he gives me. Oh my goodness, how amazing it feels ot be loved like that, to be able to give baby joy and security with just a look.  Oh if other things were so easy. Of course, I know parenthood will become a bit more challenging – much more so – but I’m enjoying this ride as long as I can!