14 minutes before I MUST sleep

I am giving myself 14 minutes to type in a quick blog post today. My hope is that I’ll be able to post more consistently. You’d think that it would be VERy possible – I have tons of help around the house from my parents. Baby L is finally sleeping for longer periods (would you believe he slept for a 6 hour stretch last night? Amazing). I finally feel like I have a slight handle on motherhood despite my boy’s general gassiness and difficulty pooing. Both of which can be pretty frustrating at times. I know that this last sentence was a “dangler” and Lord knows I love good grammar. But I figured I’m allowed to make some flubs now and then, yes?

But time is a rarity. Each day flies by and involves tons to do, and the fact that my LO (little one, for those NOT in the know – e.g. me 8 weeks ago) is now awake for most of the day makes it very difficult for me to have time to myself. They say that these days fly by and I don’t want to miss a thing and I want that bonding time – so time for mommy by herself is at a minimum I am afraid. But I only have 1 month left of maternity leave and want to make the most of my time with little L.

I am amazed at how much he is growing. He has his two month appointment at the pediatrician’s next week and I suspect that he will likely weigh 12 pounds or so at that visit. He is getting to be very big and right after feeds looks more roly-poly than I ever imagined he would. This week his personality has really changed. He has begun to have hints of a smile that happen NOT while gassy and not while asleep. Sometimes a sudden sight delights him and the corner of his mouth turns up. we have yet to capture these moments on film. They are so fleeting and, alas, I am often too slow with my camera. He has really started to look around and notice things, to be aware of people and to really look at me and his dad. He shows interest in things, and while not yet grabbing things by reaching out, he grasps ahold of whatever is nearby – a lock of hair, my skin, dad’s skin or shirt, and he holds it tight tight tight. So amazing. I know I learned this stuff in med school and residency but when it is your own child it is so different, and you just feel amazed at how much bigger his hand is, how much personality he has.

Even his cries have changed this week. Whereas 1 week ago they were soft and mild, suddenly now he has a shrill cry, a squeal to his cry, he pronounces newer vowels when he cries. Cooing has become a minor part of his vocabulary, in which the “gah’s” and “bah’s” are starting to arise.

His head control has also improved dramatically. Now when I pull him to sit his head follows his body a bit. Tummy time remains a problem – when he is on my lap or chest he enjoys being on his stomach, but lay him on the play gym mat or on the bed, and he flounders. He still doesn’t want to lift up his little body with his arms, but his legs are ueber-strong. Especially when he is upset they are jutted out as far as they can go. I only bought him 3-month-old sized clothes from Carter’s 2 weeks ago and he is already starting to outgrow them. His little legs seem so long now. I don’t really understand where they find the sizing for these baby clothes by the way. But the Baby Gap stuff seems to be fitting him a little better and a little longer according to the size. Of course, mom doesn’t want to pay $20 for a pair of baby pants, especially when the clothes there probably cost more than her clothes do!!

My little boy is growing up so fast, I can’t believe it. I am hoping that soon his smiles will become more consistent, his little giggles louder and more frequent. With two minutes to spare I will close. Amazing, amazing boy.