For some reason I thought I had posted yesterday, but this must be a case of pregnancy brain. This week has been marked by a notable change in my comfort level. They say that when you get toward the end of pregnancy you really feel ready for it to be done and for t he baby to be born. Sleeping is definitely less comfortable, and when I sit for prolonged periods of time it is more difficult to get into a good position. Even a simple task like leisurely eating on the couch is harder. With a protruding belly my plate is far away, and food easily spills on the belly! Makes for many more laundry loads, I’ll tell you. But this is only the beginning if I plan to cloth diaper!

We’ve been working on all the last minute tasks of pregnancy. T is putting up curtains on the windows, discovering that although he enjoys the satisfaction of end results, he really hates how unpredictable a drill can be! Turns out there is a 1/4 inch thick layer of aluminum sitting behind the wall above the window, and it’s a bear to get through! Even with super-careful measurement and leveling we’ve had holes come up in the wrong places, just ever so slightly off. And very irritating! But he is now doing a small touch-up to the paint before heading off to work, and it really looks nice. We will likely put up the curtains today or tomorrow, and the sheers should arrive later this week. I am not sure, though, if I’ll be able to convince my guy to do another round of curtains in the bedroom. This feat took as much effort as painting the entire room!

My task has been correspondence. I’m in the process of completing the thank-you notes to the myriad friends and family who have contributed to baby’s wardrobe and toy/gadget stash. I’m getting there!  Can’t imagine what we will do when it comes to baby announcements, too. I finally finished up our Christmas/New Year’s letter and emailed it out to a big distribution list. Much much easier and more complete than sending via snail mail, and definitely greener. But I think that at least for close family I’d like to send paper baby announcements. Getting something like that in the mail has a very touching quality and I like being crafty. And there will be so much time to be crafty during my child’s early life, right?  Ummm . . . .back to finishing those notes.