The Circle of Life

Now that our condo appears totally ransacked my Monday will once again be devoted to cleaning and organization. Funny how this never ends, and it usually begins with me messing something up irreparably to the point that which I have to spend a day picking up.

The culprit yesterday was painting the office –> soon to be nursery. T and I certainly had a fantastic adventure. . I think that I will now call him “T,” much easier than using weird bloggy monickers like “DH” that I have been using.

So on Saturday I began the prep, cleaning, getting rid of papers, moving items away from the wall, finally shelving those last CDs that needed to be gotten rid of. I also got grocery shopping done with my weekly run at Target-Trader Joe’s-Bed Bath Beyond and a little mattress browsing done, so I was all ready for phase two when T got home. Of course we had to take a break as he was coming back to school, so we headed to a lovely dinner at Harvest Seasonal Grill where we ate a low cal filet mignon and mini “coq au vin chicken dumplings. I’ll have you know that the second entree is neither coq au vin (it is white wine based) nor “chicken dumplings” (the dumplings are about 5 tiny squares of pasta) but it was delicious and hearty, filled with delicious veggies in this wonderful broth . . . .got dessert . . . a little extra dessert at home too . . . so then we cleaned a *little* and off to sleep . . .

So we awakened at 7:30 a.m. ready to work. Mission: Paint the Nursery.  T has never painted a room before – his first experience was our foray with closets but he didn’t get to do much for that event. I love to paint walls but I do it pretty rarely. Now that I’m looking at the other walls of our house I feel like the whole house needs painting, but after how much time it took yesterday I imagine we won’t be doing our next painting job for awhile.

First came room clean-up – moving the boxes out, everything off the walls, sanding some spackle we had applied the previous night and doing some newly found spackling, and deciding our needs. I ran around the room taping our samples up to the wall so we could see them all in different lights and we finally settled on “Quaking Grass” by Olympic, which incidentally seems to be a popular color for nurseries as I am discovering this morning on my random Internet searches.  This and more was retrieved from Lowe’s.

Things began rather uneventfully and well planned. We took the compy out of the room, laid out the tarps, and began taping — which took us into the early afternoon. I began painting one wall of the room. T started shortly after.  The adventure came when we heard the “Gah’s” and “Unh-oh’s” that emerged from our lips as we painted.  Minor spills on the floor, painting outside of the line.  And when T began painting near the ceiling (my job was lower walls and his job was higher walls and we both did edging) I began to hear “Oh @#*&($” followed shortly by a sing-songy voice declaring “There’s nothing to see, here, nothing to see!” Of course I would have to come look!  At first  I saw some extra decorative lines by the ceiling. While I was on a break eating some pizza I once again was summoned to the room for “nothing to see” and found a set of toes dipped in paint. T had stepped off his stepstool into the paint tray.  And he got frustrated with wearing gloves so his hands were covered in paint. And every so often both he and I would step in some glob we had spilled!

We also found the imperfections in the paint jobs performed by our builders – the scrapes of paint they left, how they painted overtop of the switchplates rather than removing them for the paint job.  Ugh. I do NOT recommend BPG to anyone!! Don’t buy condos from them!!!

So first we did primer pretty thoroughly, needing to often do two layers. Then we ended up needing about two layers of topcoat. Unfortunately, the downside of the Olympic paint we bought is that it doesn’t give the greatest coverage, which we knew coming in.  We bought the paint because it was low VOC, which is essential during pregnancy and for the sake of little kids.

After nearly 16 hours of straight of work on the room, we finished. We finished at midnight.  No joke.  We celebrated with some “30 Rock” and Skinny Moo Cow ice cream sandwiches. Mmm, Mint.  I could barely walk or lift myself up. I showered and fell asleep on contact with the bed, after feeling some brisk kicks from the baby.

In any case, the casualties, as T calls them, of the situation were minor – a few ceiling marks (gotta go pick up touch up paint),  a spot on our pretty wooden stepstool, paint in the hair, and carpet marks. Of course, then there was the cleaning to do, which I had actually already started about 1 hour before we finished. T was up till about 3:30.  After removing tape from the ceiling at the end he removed the tarps and found a few final – unfortunately large – paint stains. The most dramatic of these was a large paint-can shaped white circle lying on the carpet near the window.

T calls it the circle of life.

He decided that once he saw the circle of life it was time to call it quits.

So he went to bed.

This is the beginning of our end result.  More to come once we move and remove furniture and get the new mattress and baby crib. . .

A glimpse of our Green Room

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  1. 🙂 Brings back many fond memories of painting our house in advance of Aryana’s arrival… Love reading these blog entries!

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